To Know Christ and to Make Him Known St. Oswald’s Parish Church

Sermons and other talks are added as soon as they become available, usually within 1 week of recording.

These recordings are provided for your personal use and it is respectfully requested that they not be re-distributed in an edited form, or without acknowledgment to the originator.

What’s available

The following are available in MP3 format:

  • Sunday Morning 2001, 2002, 2004 - current year
  • Sunday Evening 2004 - 2008
  • One-Off Sermons 2012- current year
  • House Party 1995, 2002 - current year  
  • Miscellaneous Events, like Mission Weekends, or Visiting Speakers

Any of these talks can be made available on an Audio or MP3 CD :

ie: SM04 or SE04, or just a particular series, ie: 2 Peter, Hosea, etc.

Cost approx’ £1.

Audio CD’s, for playing in an ordinary CD player can be made available, but only 2 normal length sermons will fit on each CD.

Please enquire for more details.

File Size: Sermons on this site have been resampled to a lower bitrate to reduce file size with no loss of fidelity.  

These files still remain quite large due to the length of recordings.

All files copied to CD's, (either Audio or MP3), are at the original higher recorded bitrate.

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